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Houdini’s Mirror Cuff Challenge

The Mirror Cuff Challenge is one mystery that I and many experts have been trying to unravel for decades. Just when you think you’ve got a lead to a clue that you think will prove you’re right…someone comes up with evidence that proves that it wasn’t what happened…you follow through only to find facts that prove the opposite..your hot trail fizzles out and leaves you puzzled. I love it both ways. When your right, it feels great, and when you’re wrong, you’re left mystified. After all, if it wasn’t mysterious, we wouldn’t still be talking and wondering about Houdini. I am very interested to hear what people think they have figured out about Houdini’s Mirror Cuff Challenge.

Dorothy Dietrich

About Houdini

Harry Houdini’s actual name was Ehrich Weiss. Magician Harry Houdini born March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary (not Appleton WI ) of Jewish parents. Died in Detroit -1926. After Harry Houdini’s death his wife held seances as a test, to no avail. Biography: Harry Houdini was often quoted to be born in Appleton, Wisconsin, Harry Houdini came to the United States to Appleton with family at the age of four. To this day many connected with the small town of Appleton still claim in their biography that Harry Houdini was born in Appleton, to attract tourists. Copies of Harry Houdini’s birth records and early family records at the Harry Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pa, show Harry Houdini was born in Budapest (not Appleton ), on March 24, 1874. Historians are finally agreed on this fact. In later years, in a magazine interview, a Harry Houdini quote said of Appleton, “the greatest escape I ever made was when I left Appleton, Wisconsin.”

Harry Houdini’s father was Mayer Samuel Weiss. Harry Houdini’s father was a Jewish Rabbi. Harry Houdini’s father for a short time was Jewish Rabbi for the German Zoin Jewish Congregation in Appleton. Harry Houdini’s mother’s name was Cecilia Steiner Weiss.Being Jewish Harry Houdini’s parents spoke only Yiddish, Hungarian, and German. The family of Harry Houdini was poor so the children began to work at an early age. From the age of eight young Ehrich Weiss (Erik Weisz) sold newspapers and worked as a shoe shine boy. When coming to the United States there were often many spellings of names as families adjusted to English. At the age of 12, young Ehrich left home – Appleton to make his way in the world & to help support his family. A great sign of independance. Many biography links wrongly claim Harry Houdini was overly obsessed with his mother. However Harry Houdini did love her very much.

After leaving Appleton young Ehrich traveled for about a year, sending money home to his family when he could. The family moved from Appleton to New York in the the hope of finding a better life there. Harry  joined up with his family in New York City.  The move from Appleton to New York would change Magician Harry Houdini’s life and introduce him to the world of big time magic.  In New York, Harry Houdini worked as a messenger and as a cutter in a garment center sweat shop, Richter & Sons, a tie factory to help support his family. Harry Houdini ‘s father found some little work in the Jewish community there, but also worked with Houdini for a time at the factory. His father  would die about five years later on October 5, 1892.

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