Dorothy & Dick Radio show on a Mormon President Romney

Houdini Museum founders Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz also have a twice a week radio show on WFTE FM in Scranton (105.7) and Mt Cobb (90.3) that can be heard by 500,000 listeners. This week they talked to an author who is an expert on Mormonism, and author of The Angel and the Sorcerer, Peter Levenda. It was quite shocking.

Dorothy & Dick Show

Dorothy Dietrich & Dick Brookz Show

I remember when John F. Kennedy ran for president he had to separate himself publicly from the Catholic religion. Romney has gotten a pass on this for some reason, and the Latter Day Saints is very much like a cult put together by a self proclaimed prophet Joseph Smith who was a very odd mystic and ran several questionable operations. He talks about how the founder Joseph Smith used magic and mysticism to create his religion. Many Christians do not in any way consider him one.
Here is the show about the great new book we discussed on our WFTE Western union money order FM radio show.
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“Peter Levenda”

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Here's the great book we discussed on WFTE FM radio. Click here for The Dorothy & Dick Show archives. Get the book