Your gift donation could be matched dollar for dollar by the city of Scranton!

The City of Scranton was given a matching grant to restore the exterior of the Houdini Museum. The Houdini Museum is the only building in existance that is solely dedicated to the life and memories to the great Harry Houdini.  Our supporters have become part of a network of of hundreds who donate their time and money to help keep the Houdini Museum alive. We thank them for their gifts and we are privileged to put their passion into action.

If you would like to be a part of magic history, please send your donations with check payable to:

The Houdini Museum
1433 N Main Ave
Scranton, PA 18508

Please Donate

Houdini Gravesite Fund
We have been asked by the family of Houdini & the management of the Houdini Grave to provide for its upkeep. Please donate to this cause. On Sept. 27, 2011 at our own expense we restored the bust that was missing for 36 years on his grave. The administrator has asked us to take over the care of the Houdini grave site that has been neglected for many years. Thank you,

We need your help in fixing our century old buiding! The city of Scranton has awarded us a matching $30,000 grant to redesign the front of the building because of the hundreds of thousands of people we have brought here. We need your help.


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