Dorothy Dietrich

Columbia University Encyclopedia picked the 8 most noted magicians of the late 20th century
and included… Siegfried and Roy… Doug Henning… Harry Blackstone, Jr.,
David Copperfield….. and Dorothy Dietrich.

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2006
Columbia University Press

Dorothy Dietrich: First Lady of MagicDorothy Dietrich is the woman magicians often call “The World’s Leading Female Magician,” “The First Lady of Magic,” and “The Female Harry Houdini”. Many of the things Dorothy Dietrich has accomplished are unprecedented in the history of magic and have made Dorothy a well known celebrity in the field of magic. Dorothy Dietrich holds a world’s record for doing the straight jacket escape from the bottom of a parachute ride hanging from a burning rope. A feat never done by Houdini or any other man or woman since. She is also the first woman to catch a bullet in her mouth. This presentation was done with a metal cup in her mouth, since replicated by Criss Angel and David Blaine, but no other female. Dorothy Dietrich has paved the way for future female magicians in the world magic and escape.

Dorothy, one of the best known woman magicians in the world, is on the Board of Directors of the Harry Houdini Museum. A feature story in the New York Times said,
“Dorothy Dietrich essentially is a magician – on the strength of her televised stunts, could claim preeminence to Harry Houdini, the first woman to saw a man in half, the first woman to catch a bullet in her mouth.”

Dorothy Dietrich also helped found New York City’s Magic Towne House, a world famous magic show spot and magicians meeting place in the 70′s. She developed many of her signature routines there such as the Strait Jacket Escape, Sawing a Man in Half. and was an editor of Hocus Pocus Magic Magazine for three years.

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