Dorothy Dietrich

Television Appearancescosbyfilmstrip
Bill Cosby Special (2x)
Real People
Just For The Record, The Best of Everything
Conversations (PBS)
HBO Special:Special guest star with Tony Curtis, “The World’s Greatest Escapes”
Evening Magazine (3x)
You Asked For It
(2x) Robert Klein Show
Believe It or Not Tom Snyder Show
Autobus du Canada
(3x) Atlantic City Alive
Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Winters
Man & His Mysteries with Dick Van Patten
Learning Channel
Travel Channel Harry Houdini Museum
Biography Channel Harry Houdini Museum
Dead Famous-Harry Houdini
Exploring The Unknown Harry Houdini Museum
Magic Road Trip Harry Houdini Museum

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Here's the great book we discussed on WFTE FM radio. Click here for The Dorothy & Dick Show archives. Get the book