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Frank Eachus

Self employed, writer, publisher. Studied at Heidelberg University. Lives in Clyde, Ohio.

A self-employed publisher and writer. Frank Eachus Publications, is involved in many projects. Collectible trading cards depicting the art of some of the finest tattoo artists in the world is a project which has been in the works for nearly two years. The collectible Tattoo Art Trading cards, called Inkd Trading Cards, were released in the spring of 2012. Tattoo Art Trading Cards is a set of high quality trading cards featuring the tattoo art of some of the top professional tattoo artists. Also featured in the set are cards depicting the history of tattooing, as well as tattooed circus performers of the past. Historic Ohio Trading Cards is another trading card project. The Seneca County Edition is available at various retail locations in and around Seneca County, as well as through Frank Eachus Publications. More County, and Regional editions will be available soon. Other trading card sets are being researched, and will soon be available.

Presently working on several projects concerning Ohio history. He is working on a show presenting Ohio’s contribution to the history of rock and roll, mainly to schools. He also advocates the importance of music education in schools. His pet project at this time is his band.

Rock and Roll, Music, History Magic, Science

Favorite Movies
Magic, The Prestige, Back to the Future, Crossroads and of course The Goonies!

Favorite Music
Elton John, The Eagles, Joe Walsh (Ohio Musician), and any and all of those who were involved in the forefront during the infancy of rock and roll. Favorite Books Anything by Carl Sagan, or Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ohio history is one of my loves. I’ve been writing about the history of one of the most interesting states in the union for over 20 years. The War of 1812, sports, and music history are my main areas of interest. I publish an e-zine entitled The Ohio Trumpeteer I also publish trading cards based on many subjects, with the common theme of Ohio history. Drop me an e-mail for more information about Historical Ohio Trading Cards.
• Heidelberg University

Frank Eachus. Writer, and entrepreneur, living in Clyde, Ohio. For thirteen years published a regional magazine called The Trumpeteer. Recently started publishing a similar publication entitled The Ohio Trumpeteer. The Ohio Trumpeteer is a magazine devoted to Ohio History; Sandusky County, and Seneca County in particular, as this is the home-base of Frank Eachus Publications. The e-zine edition of The Ohio Trumpeteer can be found at The print version is available free at many Sandusky, and Seneca County restaurants, and other retail locations.

A lecture about the contributions to popular music from Ohioans. This lecture will include Eachus, and a partner, performing a few songs, and explaining some of the history behind the songs.
Another project is the development of my Buckeye-related projects, including The Magic Buckeye, a line of T-Shirts with a Buckeye theme, under the Frankys™ brand, and more.

Also publishs novelty items such as Jim Dandys Pocket Magic Tricks, and Ghost in the Bottle. Ghost in the Bottle is a gift for the person who absolutely has everything, or for that hard to buy for person. Ghost in the Bottle is meant as gag gift. The Ghost in a Bottle kit comes complete with a ghost sealed in glass bottle, special candle for the release ceremony, complete instructions for the release ceremony, and a talking board and planchette to communicate with your ghost. The best gag gift off the planet.

“I do what I do because I enjoy it. I also try to use my entrepreneurial skills to create enjoyable products, and educational writing. I hope you enjoy my products, and learn about the history of the Great State of Ohio through my lectures and writing.”

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