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Upcoming Autographed Cards

Dick Brookz

There will be four very special autographed cards in the upcoming 54-card release of Houdini: The World’s First Superhero Trading Cards – We are very pleased to include Mr. Dick Brookz in this special set devoted to the life, and career of the greatest name in magic – Harry Houdini. Brookz has been an entertainer his entire life. His television appearances include HBO, Travel Channel, Biography Channel, Good Morning America and more. He’s performed for major society parties for Diana Ross, Brooke Shields, Carly Simon, John Lithgow, Stevie Wonder and more. Along with Dorothy Dietrich, Brookz founded the famous Magic Towne House on New York City’s Upper East Side. Brookz and Dietrich now own and operate the only building in the world dedicated to Houdini, The Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA. Here’s a sneak peak at his card in the set to be released on October 31, the day of Houdini’s death.

Norman Bigelow

Norman Bigelow will also be autographing cards for the upcoming release of Houdini: The World’s First Superhero. Bigelow is shown on his card escaping from “The Doors of Death,” an effect he designed and built. Bigelow began his study of Houdini in his youth when he read a copy of Houdini’s Escapes and Magic. Through the years Houdini’s research into religions, and in particular spiritualism, began to interest Bigelow. “He was a man doing everything he could to find the truth,” says Bigelow.

Thomas Blacke

Thomas Blacke will also be autographing cards for the set! Blacke is an internationally known escape artist, magician and pickpocket.  He has performed around the world and has been featured on television and in periodicals on three continents. Blacke has served as President of Escape Masters, the International Association of Escape Artists since 2001 and is also the Editor of Escape Masters/Lulu Hurst Society magazine. Thomas holds multiple Guinness World Records in escapes, with a total of 11 world records in all. Blacke is also the author of six books, and starred in the “Escape Artistry 1 & 2″ DVD’s put out by the International Magicians Society.

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